The Platform

Tell us about your tech start-up.

The Platform is a business plan pitching event that gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their innovative start-ups to a panel of expert judges and compete for a space in one of TuksNovation’s specialised incubation programmes.

Applications are open to all University of Pretoria and GIBS students, academic staff as well as alumni.

Current call closing date:
7 October

Next pitching session: 
28 October 


Applications to present in the Platform is accepted on competitive basis. If you are invited to present on The Platform and the judges think your business is viable, you might be offered an incubation contract with TuksNovation. Incubation in one of TuksNovation’s programmes will give you access to an array of start-up support services, which includes:

•    Specialised mentorship and coaching

•    Access to hot-desking and 3D prototyping facilities

•    VI Programme: Technology and business model development support

•    Launch Bootcamp: Due diligence, investor readiness, launch and commercialisation support

•    Acceleration Programme: Business growth support and office space 

The Process


Upload a 2 minute video and tell us about your business.


Selected applicants present to judges panel.

Business Incubation 

Successful applicants join the incubator.

Scope of Entries
  • Entries must be at “proof of concept” or prototype stage or must have demonstrated commercial  feasibility.

  • NO entries at "idea" stage will be accepted.


  • Entries will be accepted for technologies from all sectors.


  • Entries must demonstrate innovation in the business model, underlying technology, or the application of the technology.


  • Entries must demonstrate a need in the market for the relevant technology.

  • The Platform is open to individuals, small teams and business entities from University of Pretoria and GIBS students, academic staff as well as alumni.


  • Entrants are not required to be formally registered as a legal business entity to enter the competition, but winners must commit to register in a business form appropriate to an SMME to participate in incubation. Winners will also have to obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate. TuksNovation will provide guidance in this regard.


  • Should they be successful, applicants must be willing to be able to commit to participate in the one year TuksNovation Virtual Incubation / Acceleration Programme starting immediately after being selected for incubation and must sign an Incubation Agreement with TuksNovation.

Adjudication Criteria

All applicants will be adjudicated by an expert adjudication panel based on the following criteria:

The Technology

  • Innovation: Novelty and innovation of the solution in the problem that it solves and how the problem is solved

  • Design: Design of the proposed solution

  • Feasibility: Feasibility and time frames to develop the proposed technology

The Business

  • Business Model: Business model or concept and the resources and activities needed to deliver the solution

  • Market: Market at which the solution will be aimed as well as competitors in this market

  • Value Proposition:Relationship between the market and how their needs will be met, i.e. value created

  • Financials: Revenue model an forecasts 

  • Team: Key roles and team members in the business

 The Pitch 

  • Presentation: Quality and the impact of the pitch


Value Add and Strategic Fit

  • Value that TuksNovation will add and strategic fit with TuksNovation and its partner’s objectives

Intellectual Property
  • All background Intellectual Property shall be deemed to vest in and remain the sole property of the Party that contributed same and/or disclosed same to the other Party, including background Intellectual Property in existence prior to the Effective Date and which is co-owned by the Parties.


  • Each applicant is responsible for ensuring that their entry does not infringe on third-party intellectual property rights.


  • Each applicant must hold the necessary rights to utilise any third-party intellectual property in the way proposed in their submission.

  • TuksNovation and its partners are committed to ensuring the confidentiality of your ideas.

  • As a potential applicant you should be aware of the provisions of the Intellectual Property Rights from Publicly Financed Research and Development Act 51 of 2008 (IPR Act) and the regulations thereto.


  • Situations not covered by these rules and the adjudication criteria will be resolved by TuksNovation, and their decision will be final.


  • TuksNovation reserve the right to amend these rules without notice, to clarify the application requirements or to cater for an unforeseen situation.


  • The adjudication criteria will serve only as a guideline and the decision taken by the judges will be final.


  • TuksNovation reserves the right to terminate the application of any candidate in the event that they put TuksNovation into disrepute while in the application process.

Need More Info?

If you have any questions, get in touch with us!


Contact: Ms Christi Auret @


Visit the TuksNovation Centre @ UP Hatfield Campus, Humanities Building, 14th floor.​

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